Collective intelligence and war


In the February publication INFORMATION RESISTANCE of 25/02/22, the second day of the Russian-Ukrainian war, we offered everyone
supplement and refine the operational knowledge base WAR RUSSIA WITH UKRAINE 2022.

Almost six months have passed, difficult, difficult and very bitter.

Some of the CR neurons were blocked, some disappeared on the battlefields (((
There are few of us, and there are less and less of us, but we hope for your help, friends) and rely on CM technologies.

The good news is that our work has not stopped!
The knowledge base of the Collective Mind is constantly growing and the list of topics of the Consent Space is expanding!

The most relevant topic - WAR - has been replenished (total 115 events for the period) -

The theme of the Fifth project (5th project) - Oleksiy Arestovich, in which he outlined his vision of the future of Ukraine, has arisen and is being discussed, and the Ukrainians are actively analyzing the author's proposals (19 events).

In the largest topic of the Collective Intelligence - FUTURE - discussions have been added and structured (7 events)

In the Society section, work has been carried out on the publication of the PISLA OF DEMOCRACY. Sergei Datsyuk (6 events).

Added publication What is Ukraine Natalya Bezmen in the Unity of the Nation (3 events)

uh and so on...