What / how to do after the victory

Victory, the Collective Mind

Now, at the beginning of 2023, in Ukraine there is a growing thought about the probable victory in the war, unleashed by propivy with the aim of destroying the Ukrainian statehood. 
And along with the idea of victory comes a second one - what to do afterwards, whether to restore the post-Soviet economy (the economy of siphoning off resources - something that is familiar and understandable) or to build a new modern economy for Ukraine, the economy of technological development and how to do it.

Andriy Dligach (Doctor of Economics, Professor at Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University) published an article entitled "2023: Peremogoda Ukraina".

There was a discussion of the topic, and the Collective Intelligence with its technologies processed both the article and the comments to it, putting everything in the rizzoma.

The specific issues of the article by Dligach emerged:

The conclusion of the author - for Ukraine to become a free country for business, investment and self-fulfillment of a person, it is necessary to focus the state and society on development!

Great conclusion - but HOW to do it?
What ways or technologies will lead us to this glorious future? And the most burning questions - who and how will take on the reorganization of the country and society - were left unanswered by Mr. Dligach!

Collective Mind did a semantic COLLECTION of the article and discussion on rizzomaIn order to understand the mechanisms of achieving what we want, the Collective Intelligence did a semantic CONNECTION of the article and discussions on rizzoma, and it turned out that the SCENARIES FOR UKRAINE in retrospect are not bright at all:

What does the author propose to do in the current situation

  • Overcome social paternalism 
  • Believe in the possibility of becoming a center of security and culture of peace 
  • Become a startup country, etc.

How to do...?  — ?
The author has not answered the questions and suggestions made in the discussion of the article, but Collective Intelligence has the answers!

Questions and suggestions made in the discussion of the article

A. Dligach's Answers

Answers from the Collective Mind

First we need the formation of healthy political forces


Do we need a political force

What are the mechanisms for change?

There are developments on the mechanisms of change, there are 17 of them as of today.

What are the first steps the government must take to make people believe it?

How to ensure trust within the system (4D)
Is it a dirty business to be a politician in your own country? (4D)

If you go to the solution links, you will see that they consist of large, complex texts, and there are no simple solutions! Society/government is faced with difficult, often INCREDIBLE CHALLENGES...! 

The good news is that the CR has already figured out (in summer 2022!) how to solve unsolvable problems, and the good news 2 - the solution requires only desire, will and persistence and collective intelligence - and the Ukrainians (in principle) HAVE it all!

So, do you want to live in the modern world without wars, with a developed economy, in a society where everyone has a place to develop? - Welcome to the School of Neurons of the Kollective Mind, where we will learn to solve the problems set before us by LIFE!