Distributed elite

Distributed elite

Yes, many people think of the elite |+|  as a few dozen people who are MUCH better at EVERYTHING. The elite, as some group of people with the most developed intellect, intelligence, passion, moral qualities, etc. - this is what elitism stands for.

But now the world has become too complicated; people have long used DIFFERENT WORK |+| and yet somehow in the most important and most difficult matters we still rely on the WORST.

Today a different understanding of the elite is emerging: to solve a particular issue, a group of VOLUNTEERS appears who participate in solving that issue |+| - they are the distributed problem-oriented elite FOR that issue, regardless of their personal qualities, including intelligence, education, ability to communicate, baggage of personal experience and so on. (all of which are no barrier to great results today).

It's up to other people to decide other issues.

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  • The elite are those who influence the minds and sentiments of the people, and may as such be moral authorities;
  • They are those who look forward, not backward;
  • They are the ones they say: I wish there were more of them;
  • They are not just those who have power, fame and money, but the layer responsible for the complete reproduction of the nation and its moral values;
  • These are the people who guess world trends and are not in opposition to them.
  • These are the people who are intelligent, ironic, and have weight in society. And not necessarily the bosses.


A "distributed elite" |+| is a few tens of thousands of people, each of whom knows their subject BETTER than the MUCH people who know about a particular issue. That is, the elite is not a few specific people (who can cave in even on related issues, or make a deal with their conscience), but a dynamic set of people who know the problem and are involved in solving it.

Thanks to CD technologies, today we have a DISTRIBUTED elite in society for each of the four thousand socially relevant issues!

Back in 2019, during the development of the Social Contract on the Rhizome, it became clear that THE PEOPLE DECIDE NOTHING worse than ELITARIANS. Although both the government and the experts consider the people a dark passive mass |+| and do not pay attention to it. And the people, in turn, become in opposition to the authorities, do not accept the development of experts  |+|.. And at the same time, it turns out that the people's development  |+| of the Social Contract, and the results it produces, refute the allegation of irrationality of the people. By the way, the experts are also part of the people (or are they not anymore?).

The "distributed elite" |+| provides the most competent solution to socially significant issues (and the management of society) without any elections or referendums! This is how you get a truly SUSTAINABLE SOCIETY.