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Collective Mind - Neural Network

Space of Harmony is an international project for creating and maintaining a universal cognitive space for network communications and project implementation in the collective intelligence format.

The portal “Space of Harmony” [1] based on the IT platform Rizzoma serves as the basis for the realization of the project in accordance with the rhizome principle.

This ongoing project creates a constantly evolving collective memory, that includes a large databank of ideas and meanings on socially meaningful issues.

By using constant network brainstorming the community has learned to work collectively and solve various issues; it has the properties of the subject and its distinct intellect.


The portal “Space of Harmony” was created by Serhii Zhyhinas in 2013. All social events and developments are chronologically listed on the portal in the section “Chronicle. Current Events and ‘Hot Topics’.”.[2]

All social events and developments are chronologically listed on the portal in the section “Chronicle”. (2015,[3] 2016,[4] 2017 [5]).

The head and co-founder of the project from its creation to the 2018 was Gennady Dobrovinsky.

Objectives of the project

Objectives of the project:

The main principles and positions[edit]

  • Complete openness
  • Open license for all results of its activities (collective property)
  • Complete freedom of action for any individual participant (absence of prohibitions)
  • The principle of complementarity (each point of view is included into synthesized common product)
  • Absence of evaluative judgements, comparisons, and exclusions
  • Self-organization and the absence of unified governing mechanisms


Achievements of the collective intelligence[edit]

  •  4D texts[10] that show how Collective Intelligence works Collective intelligence has created a special language for 4-D texts to represent collective knowledge. The response of the Collective Intelligence is formulated by the entire community. Although this response is collective, each individual can quickly find answers to his or her PERSONAL questions on the subject (property of the expert system). This knowledge is constantly supplemented and has contemporary relevance. 4-D texts create the structure of the Collective Intelligence — neural chains composed of individual participants for each question. 4-D text represent the development of the second signal system, which is equivalent to a new method of book printing with the same revolutionary consequences for social practice that represents the process and results of effective communications among all participants.
  • Absence of conflicts — this is a civilizational breakthrough since this approach excludes conflicts by way of removing their fundamental causes and rhizome-style leveling. The project uses communicative and cognitive technologies—4-D technology and the Rhizome principle.
  • By June 2018, 42 kilometers of bicycle routs have already been built or are in the process of being built in the city of Chernihiv. The draft plan for approximately 160 kilometers of bicycle routes has been developed by the public organization “Space of Harmony” using the collective intellect technology.


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