This site is a way to tell in a familiar way about the work to create the Collective Intelligence (CM) of society.
The Collective Mind provides methods and examples of successful solutions to problems that require the unification of many people.
With the help of the CM, the dream of transition to a single humanity with a planetary mind becomes a reality!
Work has been carried out on the portal "Prostіr Zlagodi" (Rizoma) since 2013.

We do NOT work for governments, corporations and oligarchs; we need the help and support of the SOCIETY for which we work - your help.

The more people and funds we manage to attract to the project, the better our knowledge bases will be, the more power and influence society will have.

Сергей Жигинас, создатель проектаSergei Zhiginas,
project founder

Resources for Change

Resources for Change

The question of the resource of changes (which are coming upon us, upon each country separately and upon the world as a whole) has been analyzed by the Collective Mind and it turned out that this resource is quite voluminous, which gives us hope to look into the future with optimism.

In order to be a subject and not an object of change (i.e. to take action itself and not to be an "object" in someone else's hands), civil society (and every person!) needs to realize and master the resources of this process. 

This information applies to any country, whether it is in Europe, America or Asia (although the discussion was based on Ukraine).

Current Issues in Ukraine. Intellectual Volunteering

In the spring of 2023, a microgroup of four Kiev intellectuals (MI4) - consisting of Datsyuk, Bebeshko, Chudnovsky, and Nikitin - formulated a series of topical questions for Ukraine in their videos and publications. These questions were collected and structured on Prostir Zlahody into the topic HOW TO LIVE FURTHER (a list of 22 questions).

Current Issues in Ukraine. Intellectual Volunteering

Of these 22 questions raised by intellectuals, eighteen are about society, namely: 

These issues cannot be resolved from above without checking with the opinions, desires, and aspirations of many people and communities. For example, people may not want to live, in new cities so well devised by someone else, because they want to live the way they want to live (remember that there are empty cities in China where people do not want to move!).

Who decides the important issues of Ukraine

It takes not only desire, will, and persistence, but also Collective Mind to solve important problems!In the second year of the full-scale Russian-Ukrainian war, all of Ukraine is focused on the victory of the AFU. Peaceful development of the country after the victory is an important issue for Ukraine that worries society! But who decides it?

In January 2023 a "marathon" - What / How to do after winning, and we wrote about it.
In March, the same topic was actively discussed (in social networks): Ukraine. What to do was supplemented almost daily with new publications and their discussions.

Conclusions of January - for Ukraine to become a free country, convenient for doing business, investing and self-fulfillment of a person - we need the focus of the state and society on the development!

These conclusions lead us to the idea that to solve the important issues of Ukraine we need not only the desire, will and persistence, but also the Collective Mind (CM)!