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Human knowledge and knowlege humanity

Human knowledge and knowlege humanity

1. On FB there was a collective discussion of the question about the ratio of knowledge of a person and the whole mankind (an estimative |+| and quick |+| answer was of interest).
As a result, methods for calculating the ratio of human knowledge to humanity |+|were proposed,
techniques to account for the demand for information
and techniques for determining the dynamics of |+| information.

2. The comparison was made with the "average person" who has a general level of knowledge |+|, although it has been observed that even "average" people are very different |+|, and especially different from geniuses |+|.

3. The meaning of the term KNOWLEDGE is quite broad |+| and multivalent  |+|. Nowadays the amount of information grows much faster |+| than its realization |+|, which is necessary for information |+|  to become knowledge |+|, which is not always the case |+|.

4. Today, the "individual" person has almost  |+| no need for knowledge |+|. On the other hand, certain types of knowledge are available only to the individual  |+|. The knowledge of man is exceptional|+|, but man is mortal and his individual knowledge is also |+|, therefore it is collectives  |+|  that carry the baton of knowledge and evolve |+|today, and the preservation of knowledge for mankind is a serious issue |+|.

5. Mankind systematically |+|accumulates and transmits knowledge |+|, but mankind is not subjective  |+|, has no consciousness|+|, so it has no knowledge |+|.  The amount of information is increasing, and knowledge both increases and is forgotten |+|. Speaking about information, man is getting closer and closer to having access to any information of mankind |+| but not to knowledge. This situation can be changed by the transition to Integral Knowledge |+|.

6. If we consider the knowledge of mankind as the sum of existing knowledge of people, then the proportion (knowledge of mankind)/(knowledge of a person) is measured in billions |+|.

If we consider humanity as a collective subject |+| - then this proportion will be from 10 billion |+| to trillions |+|.
Humanity can gain subjectivity using the technologies of Collective MIND |+|.

Source - Collective MIND as
the path to a unified humanity

​WARNING: if you press |+| - wait for it to load (very long and complex topic)

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