Complementarity method

Complementarity method — basis of rhizome agreement of opinions and obtaining a single result.How does the Collective MIND (CM) manage to get a result that takes into account all the opinions of all participants in the discussion of a particular issue?

The COMPLEMENTARITY METHOD is the basis of a rhizome agreement of opinions and obtaining a single result.

This method allows out of the chaos of scattered opinions (arising on socially significant issues and collected on the Internet, mainly on FaceBook and Youtube) to quickly and easily get a single result, with which each of the participants agrees.

Complementarity Method in Simple Language

The topic is disclosed by all participants. Everyone sees the topic in terms of their experience and their knowledge. As a rule, these are different sides of the same issue. The moderator summarizes identical comments in the "branches" of the tree.

Yes, something is thrown away. For example, repetitions, possible rudeness (such we are!), Things that are not related to the topic (their moderator transfers to MISCELLANEOUS, because over time these thoughts may come in handy).

"Academic" description of the Complementarity Method

This description of the Complementarity Method is given in the language of the Collective Intelligence, namely, in the form of a 4D text, after the instruction on how to read 4D texts.

For any question, everyone has his own vision |+| - "projection" of truth on their individual consciousness.
To bring all projections into the general picture, the complementarity method |+| is used.

    Complementarity Method Technology:

  1.  Collects all the "projections" |+| and their "cleaning" |+|.
  2.  Systematized and structured |+| ideas and meanings |+|, a "tree of meanings" |+| is compiled.
  3.  Based on the "tree of meanings" |+| synthesized |+| general 4D result |+|.
  4.  The result is checked and verified by the participants ("feedback") |+|.

The complementarity method allows conflict-free |+| and fast |+| combine the ideas of many participants to get a common result |+| . Such a rhizome synthesis |+| gives the most complete |+| and competent |+| a single view of the truth |+|.

Using this technology, society is structured into a reasonable |+| socioorganism |+| and gets results for all |+| and each |+|.

Systematic use of the complementarity method leads to a single humanity-socioorganism |+| with open general knowledge |+| billions of times superior to the modern level. Mankind will be able to end wars and crises |+|, will be able to spend strength and resources on creation.

The creation of the text of the COMPLEMENTARITY METHOD was worked on:
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