Instructions on how to read 4D text

New technologies of integral knowledge

New technologies of integral knowledge allow humanity to find collective subjectivity through the development of the Planetary Collective Mind.

The idea of Collective Mind was put forward earlier by Vernadsky |+|.
The CM believes that it develops similarly to the human brain|+|, which raises many objections today |+|.

CM technologies provide not only the right choice |+| but also the entire chain: collective understanding -> collective intention -> collective action |+|.

With these technologies, the noise of many opinions is turned into meanings |+|, and this is not a "Website of Websites" |+| - the "customer" of topics and questions is the society that seeks to solve its vital issues|+|. The fruit of CM will be a neural network of human neurons, with instrumental AI|+|. And now the network, not the individual  thinks |+|, and these CM technologies connect all local networks into a global |+|. network.

In the process, we build up and improve the following techniques: 

  • The COMPLEMENTARITY method is the basis for the rhizomic harmonization of opinions and obtaining a unified result. This method allows from the chaos of disparate opinions without conflict and quickly get a single result, with which each of the participants agrees. 
  • 4D-texts - a way of continuous communication and formation of INTEGRAL common knowledge. 
  • Rizzoma is an engine and carrier of semantic memory, a platform for Polylog. The portal "Prostir Zlahodi" was formed on the basis of Rizzoma, where the general semantic memory of the society is growing and continuous communication in the society is going on. 
  • Creation by word - with the help of an open network of Internet users and Collective Intelligence.
  • Interaction environment - technology for the development of socially important decisions.