Who decides the important issues of Ukraine

It takes not only desire, will, and persistence, but also Collective Mind to solve important problems!In the second year of the full-scale Russian-Ukrainian war, all of Ukraine is focused on the victory of the AFU. Peaceful development of the country after the victory is an important issue for Ukraine that worries society! But who decides it?

In January 2023 a "marathon" - What / How to do after winning, and we wrote about it.
In March, the same topic was actively discussed (in social networks): Ukraine. What to do was supplemented almost daily with new publications and their discussions.

Conclusions of January - for Ukraine to become a free country, convenient for doing business, investing and self-fulfillment of a person - we need the focus of the state and society on the development!

These conclusions lead us to the idea that to solve the important issues of Ukraine we need not only the desire, will and persistence, but also the Collective Mind (CM)!

Why the CM? - Because now the country and society are facing complex problems and it will not be possible to solve them in the old way. And the CM technologies have already developed innovative methods for solving complex problems! And more than 70 complex socially significant problems were solved (the solutions are given as 4D-texts)

The March discussion was processed by the Collective Mind and grew into an assemblage of UKRAINE AFTER THE WIN, where over 900 aspects of people's concerns emerged.

What publications were used to process the information?

These were ready assemblages (the results of the Collective Mind's "thinking" of previous publications and discussions) and the March 2023 publications on pressing topics of the near future (which prompted a flood of comments):

  3. WIN A WAR, LOSE THE WORLD (assembly)
  5. IN UKRAINE AFTER THE WAR (assembly)
  9. Turning Ukraine into the country of the future
  10. Portnikov explained what would be a "real security guarantee" for Ukraine instead of NATO

Ideas and meanings from these publications and already existing assemblies on the topic were collected, sorted, filtered, and as a result we already have 923 (!) branches of the Tree of Meanings on the topic of Ukraine's future. So, these are the topics:

What is the main idea of this big discussion UKRAINE AFTER THE VICTORY?

Nobody likes the inertial scenario of events (when everything goes as it is, even though after the victory of the AFU) - it is too serious tasks (issues of reforms, labor reserves, rights and freedoms, etc.) and there is nobody to solve them...

The catastrophic consequences of the inertial scenario motivate to prevent it. And good (desirable) scenarios require persistent and coordinated efforts of the active minority - those social forces who can look into the future and act to improve it (the active minority always determines the direction of development, while the passive majority determines its speed).

Who is the active minority who will have to shoulder the difficult tasks?

  • Power? - No, it has its own goals!
  • The military? - Ukraine has already had experience, when after the ATO the military came to power - the system did not change with their arrival...
  • Democracy (after the war, besides) is a risk of anarchy.
  • Volunteers? - But they are very specific in their help (and Thank God!).
  • ... the question remains open!

We, the neurons of the Collective Mind, call upon thinking people to join in the work of solving the urgent problems of Ukraine. Let's start this reactor of social synergy...!

Anyone can encourage the CR to actively develop any of the 923 questions with their comments

  • with additions,
  • objections,
  • questions,
  • even a blank comment to bring the issue to the CD's attention!

You should do it right now (you need to log in with Facebook or Google to comment) - UKRAINE AFTER THE VICTORY!