Current Issues in Ukraine. Intellectual Volunteering

In the spring of 2023, a microgroup of four Kiev intellectuals (MI4) - consisting of Datsyuk, Bebeshko, Chudnovsky, and Nikitin - formulated a series of topical questions for Ukraine in their videos and publications. These questions were collected and structured on Prostir Zlahody into the topic HOW TO LIVE FURTHER (a list of 22 questions).

Current Issues in Ukraine. Intellectual Volunteering

Of these 22 questions raised by intellectuals, eighteen are about society, namely: 

These issues cannot be resolved from above without checking with the opinions, desires, and aspirations of many people and communities. For example, people may not want to live, in new cities so well devised by someone else, because they want to live the way they want to live (remember that there are empty cities in China where people do not want to move!).

What to do about it now? 

How can intellectual volunteering be organized?

  1. Intellectual volunteers volunteer to help people and society through their intellect, experience, knowledge and skills. They are 
    • professionals who help nonprofit organizations and projects, 
    • analysts and analytical groups, 
    • intellectual clubs, 
    • thinking groups, 
    • they are even ordinary commentators and activists.
  2. Volunteers act in their own way and do not take kindly to attempts to squeeze them into any organizational forms; they self-organize.
  3. Volunteer activities are mostly local and do not reach the national level.
  4. Self-organization of volunteers on the level of ideas in the country (and in the world) is possible in their free INTERACTION. This requires:
    • a common online space for such interaction with each other and with society
    • a common discourse of like-minded people.
    • preserve, develop and deploy all the intellectual contributions of the volunteers
    • solve all socially significant issues together.

The self-organization described in point 4 has been growing in Ukraine since 2013 on the "Prostir Zlahody" portal, where over a million meanings from tens of thousands of people interact today. This is where OVERALL solutions to all socially important issues are being worked out.

The portal is an open Internet space with feedback - for ten years it has been an example of intellectual volunteering and works for the civil society of Ukraine!

An example of intellectual volunteering

An Example of Intelligent Volunteering - the Work of the Collective Mind

Collective Mind has been working on the topic of UKRAINE AFTER SUCCESS (assembly) since January of this year.
In April 2023 alone, 34 events were worked on:

If you want to understand what and how to do, developing Ukraine's entry into the civilized world, you can become an intellectual volunteer yourself. Join the discussions on Prostir Zlahody, leave your suggestions or criticisms in the topics that interest you!