Collective Intelligence Mission

The complexity of the tasks facing humanity has approached the limit of the ability of mankind to solve these problems (especially those that require GENERAL efforts).

It is now impossible to solve problems requiring the unification of many people, since people think in the paradigm of competition.
And without solving these problems, collapse will occur very quickly.

During the Prostir Zlagodi project (on the site of which the Collective Intelligence is being developed), participants learned to solve problems “with the whole world”, coordinating the ideas of everyone, regardless of their citizenship, principles, values, ideology, religion, intellect or education. At the same time, no one has any objections - all opponents turn into co-authors of a single result.

Using rhizome technologies, we are increasing the semantic memory of society.
We are the “brain” of society, the Collective Intelligence, namely, the neural network of human neurons, which is the distributed elite of society on any socially significant issue and which simultaneously solves ALL of these issues (each with its own speed), without redoing the egoists and at full everyone’s freedom of action. 

Developing this Collective Intelligence, humanity without wars and conflicts emerges from an impending systemic crisis and, instead of the inglorious end of its path, makes a powerful leap into the New Era. 

 Neural Networks, Collective Intelligence of Humanity