Letter for grant

Good afternoon, dear Ulla Tuomarla!

Sergei Zhiginas is writing to you. I am the creator of a large international project "Простір злагоди" (Space of Harmony), better known as "Collective Mind" (CM), I will write about it later.
CM has been formed since 2013 with the help of a self-developing neural network of people - "neurons" and users.
Until 2022, I lived and worked in Ukraine, but since April, my family and I have been living in Finland, where they found housing for us through volunteers!
CM provides for society the same functions that the brain provides for a person - the semantic memory and thinking of the society.
The Collective Mind constantly solves the problems of society:
  • Communication - provides open and free structured discussions on socially significant issues (about 4000 questions)
  • Information - turns information chaos on all topical issues of society into compact 4D knowledge bases - expert systems that provide the user with the most complete knowledge and experience on any issue of this topic.
  • Intellectual - CM allows you to solve super-complex systemic tasks of society
  • Social development - reaching the next level of development of society, as a rational social organism, makes possible the self-determined, self-governed existence of people in society without coercion and violence against them.
  • Consensus - conflict-free and quick solution of complex and controversial issues by obtaining full consensus, when all opponents agree on the overall result.
The development of the CM requires funding, and I wanted to apply for a long-term grant from the Kone Foundation.
But it is difficult for me to fit into the existing conditions for issuing grants - I am not an academic scientist, although I graduated from Moscow State University as a mathematician, and I am not an artist, although the work of a human neuron is very creative, it requires a certain creativity.
Why am I contacting you? - because the Fund headed by you, in its declared principles, practically coincides with the work of the CM, namely
  • it is an interdisciplinary, new look at communication, information and other problems
  • our research does not just explain or describe the world, it changes it by finding solutions to global problems
  • long-term in-depth work of the CM has given technologies that allow changing society, right now, without changing the people themselves
  • the project represents hundreds of social experiments and network studies by the entire society to solve global problems. CM is a navigator that allows any person to overcome the uncertainties of the present and future time.
  • CM technologies - the transition from struggle and wars to harmony and interaction.
For the accelerated development of the project, its promotion is required, in Finland there are preliminary agreements on the creation of a film that acquaints the viewer with CM
We have a multilingual site https://razum.org.ua/ - we would like to add Finnish to the site languages, we need human translator services.
I want to apply for a grant, but I don't know how best to fit it into the foundation's requirements system.
I would be grateful for any of your advice.
Sergii Zhyhinas